The City of Tomorrow: Sensors, Networks, Hackers and the Future of Urban Life
Carlo Ratti and Matthew Claudel | Yale University Press

Open Source Architecture
Carlo Ratti with Matthew Claudel | Thames & Hudson

Analytic Models in Architecture | "Analysis Beyond Computation" (Chapter)
Matthew Claudel, Emmanuel Petit (ed.) | Yale School of Architecture

Smart Cities as Democratic Ecologies | "Government's Role in Growing a Smart City" (Chapter, ed. Daniel Araya)
Matthew Claudel, Alice Birolo, Carlo Ratti | Palgrave MacMillan

Urban data: Tools and methods towards the algorithmic city | "Raster to Vector: Towards a live associative model"
Matthew Claudel, Marco Maria Pedrazzo, Niccolo Suraci | Fanco Angeli

What Urban Media Art Can Do | "Futurecraft" (Chapter, ed. Susa Pop, Tanya Toft, Nerea Calvillo, Mark WRight)
Matthew Claudel, Carlo Ratti | avedition


The Journal of Design and Science (JoDS) | A Rumble in the Taupe Hum of Info-Capital: On Reduction and the Neoliberal City (with Matt Shafer)

The SITE Magazine | Design And The Value Of Space-Time, Or, Tomorrow Belongs To Everybody!

Boston Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics Medium | Beta Blocks, or, an open question: what is civic technology?

Technology Innovation Management Review | From Organizations to Organizational Fields: the Evolution of Civic Innovation Ecosystems

MIT SA+P Medium | Urban Innovation Dispatch: Introduction

MIT SA+P Medium | Urban Innovation Dispatch: Aarhus

The Boston Globe | Innovation Should Serve Livelihoods, Not Lifestyles (with Julian Agyeman)

PLoS One | An exploration of collaborative scientific production at MIT through spatial organization and
institutional affiliation (with Fiona Murray, Carlo Ratti, Emanuele Massaro, and Paolo Santi)

MIT Alumni Blog | The Magnetism of a Digital-Era Campus

Architectural Design (AD) | Special Issue: Digital Property | A/B Architecture: Publicly Augmented Design*

De 11 Lijnen Foundation | Spatial JPEG (in Adrian Villar Rojas The Work of the Ocean, Forthcoming)

Harvard Business Review | If Work is Digital, Why Do We Still Go to the Office?*

Topos: European Landscape Magazine | Agents of Mutation*

Journal of the Built Environment | Future Flow Mapping (with Carlo Ratti and Till Nagel)

Techne: Journal of Technology for Architecture & Environment | Futurecraft: Tomorrow by Design*

Aspenia | Il Futuro Della Cita: Verso La Smart City*

The Content Standard | Under the Influence: A New Perspective on Social Marketing

Financial Times, FT Magazine | Mobile phone-based mapping of human movement*

World Economic Forum, Global Agenda: Digital Economy & Society | Is this the best way to prevent cyber attacks?*

Architectural Review | Personalizing Climate Control*

The Next Web | Why Every Startup Needs a Community

Project Syndicate | Hacking for Humanity*

The Content Standard | Who Invented the Computer? Creativity, Remixing and Nonlinear Thinking

The Content Standard | Work or Play?

The Straits Times | Smart people, smart nation, smart Singapore*

Oxygen | Machine Dialogue (with Carlo Ratti and Paolo Santi)

ARQ | Local Warming*

McKinsey&Company Insights and Publications | Full speed ahead: How the driverless car could transform cities*

Atlantis | An Internet of Bits and Bodies*

Domus Magazine | The Free Pixel: Unrestricted LEDs*

JA+U | The Disappearance of Times Square*

Arch Daily | Beyond Things That Flicker (Editor's Choice Award)

DIS Magazine | The New Metropolitics of Nature (with Katherine Eshel)

AD Architectural Design | The Rise of the Invisible Detail: Ubiquitous Computing and the 'Minimum Meaningful'*

Project Syndicate | The Urban Village*

Project Syndicate | The Ratings Revolution*

Project Syndicate | Life in the Uber City*

Project Syndicate | The Driverless City*

Energy2121: Omnium | Mobile Herde - Mobile Herzen*

The European | Format C:ty*

The Straits Times | A Smart City Needs a Dose of Chaos*

The Straits Times | New Era of Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Cities*

Anew Technology | Reverse Engineering Our Future. Survival of the Fittest (or most desirable) Idea*

Wired UK | Driverless Cities Speed Up*

The European | The Sense-able City*

Transfers | LIVE Singapore! The Urban Data Collider*

The Irish Examiner | Governments Need to be Smart About the Cities of the Future*

Aspenia | Getting Smart*

Eutopia | Government's Role in Growing the Smart City (with Carlo Ratti, Alice Birolo)

AR Architectural Review | The Power of Networks (with Alex Haw, Carlo Ratti, Antoine Picon)

World Economic Forum | Tracking Trash: City Spotlight Seattle and Naples*

FutureEverything Publications | Networked Specifism Beyond Critical Regionalism (with Alex Haw, Carlo Ratti, Antoine Picon)

Yale Daily News | Articles for Arts & Culture Section (staff writer)

* with Carlo Ratti, unless authorship is otherwise noted.